Marnoc Lodge #151 goal is to provide you with the most update information about the lodge and its events. There are a number of communication methods that we employ, be sure to utilize all that are available to you.
The Sachem is the official newsletter of Marnoc Lodge. If you are not receiving it then there could be 2 reasons. We do not have your current address or you are more than 1 year late paying your annual dues. Either way, contact Membership Committee to correct.
The Scouter's News is published regularly by Great Trail Council. We try hard to include information about events. Adult leaders, if you are not receiving this please contact the Great Trail Council office.
Mass email - we occasionally will send out information by email about upcoming events. Please contact us if you would like to be ADDED or REMOVED from our email distribution list.
SMS / Text Messaging - Marnoc Lodge has begun to utilize SMS Messaging or Text Messaging to communicate about upcoming events. Be aware that regular SMS / Text messaging rates apply depending on your cell/mobile phone carrier and your plan. Click HERE if you wish to opt-in to receiving SMS / Text messages. You will receive an SMS/Text message to asking you to confirm that you wish to receive messages from the lodge.



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